Zest: What is Resilience?

[3 min read]



When most people talk about resilience they think about the ability to push through events that aren’t positive, to push through potential setbacks: to maintain their momentum towards an outcome that they’re working...

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Your Mood: The Great Game Changer

[5 min read]


When thinking about the emotional state and performance it is important to understand this:  how smart you are depends on your mood.

Yes really. As a concept, this seems both absurd and common sense in equal measure. Think of the...

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Three for three: 3 techniques to reduce depression, increase happiness and improve effectiveness

[3 min read]


I’ve been reflecting on my last blog, and have concluded it was a bit of an unplanned tease! :) 

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Two Minute Introduction to Mindfulness

[2 min read]


There’s an enigma in the way we experience time.

We spend virtually all of our thinking time either with memories or with “what happens next…” So our thoughts are usually placed in the past or future. But physically we are always...

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