Positivity is now a must have to keep pace with your competition

In 1998 I and a business partner were working as sports psychologists with one of the top five Tour Professional Golfers in Europe. He turned out to be an eager early adopter of the positive psychology and neurobiology breakthroughs that were...

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Zest: Why Confidence is Crucial

This is the final blog in my Zest series where we have been discussing this high performance mindset and what it can deliver for you and your organisation. 

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Zest: What is Resilience?

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When most people talk about resilience they think about the ability to push through events that aren’t positive, to push through potential setbacks: to maintain their momentum towards an outcome that they’re working...

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Tips for Living with Zest - a fantastic high performance way of being

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In the my previous article we discussed how an organisation should respond to people who don’t embrace a culture of Zest, who become dissident. However I have yet to discuss in...

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Zest: high performance mindsets and cultures that deliver

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Zest is the word I use to describe both high performance mindset in individuals, and also business cultures that deliver superior revenues, profits and growth.

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